Windows 10: Changing the default Projector Settings with displayswitch.exe (Duplicate, Extend …) using Group Policies

The default projector setting in Windows 10 is set to “Extend”. If you want to change that behavior, you have to press Windows key + P and select “Duplicate”. In this blog post I am going to show you how to change this default settings with the displayswitch.exe program. Additionally, I will describe how to change the default setting on multiple domain joined computers using Group Polices.

Projector Settings

Windows 10 provides 4 projector options that can be configured using the Windows Key + P key combination.

  • PC screen only
  • Duplicate
  • Extend
  • Second screen only


Set Duplicate as Default

Teachers often log into different computers in different class rooms.  However, on any computer they log in for the first time, the projector settings are set to “Extend”. An – sometimes – unpleasant situation. So, we decided in our school to change that behavior. We created a batch file that sets the projector default setting to “Duplicate”. Here it is:


With the following one-liner in PowerShell, you can create the file and its content much faster.

New-Item -ItemType File -Path $home\Desktop -Name Duplicate.bat -Value "Displayswitch.exe /clone"

Distribute it via GPO

Now create a new GPO and configure the file as the login script for your users. Don’t forget to copy the file into the group policy folder of the policy you previously created.


Finally, link the GPO to the appropriate OU. In my example, it’s the Marketing OU.


Have fun!

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  1. Hi Patrick,

    Thanks so much for your guide but I’m a little confused.

    The screenshot shows you adding the batch file into computer start-up settings but working says user logon settings. Can you clarify?

    I’m trying to get it to duplicate but only on certain PC’s not for certain users.



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