My Blog – The Internet hasn’t been waiting for me (Part 9)

In this blog post I would like to do without any technical topics. It’s about my blog and how it’s going. Sometimes I’m in mood to blog in German, the other time in Englisch. This blog post is an Englisch one for my international followers.

I started in January 2017. From January to July I wrote over 250 blog posts in German. After this time I learned to understand and to accept, that I have to slow down a little. It makes fun, for sure, but you also have to be careful not getting overworked.

The Internet don’t need me, but I think I’m welcome

There are so many bloggers and web site owners on this planet. Without those great people the world would not be so diverse. Some of them are focusing on IT-Pro topics, some on developing and some of them focus on very, very special topics. I think I’m one of them, because I started to concentrate on PowerShell. Knowing PowerShell has by all means become a requirement for IT-Pros and Developers, but it’s also only one of many Microsoft tools and technologies.

Switching to English

In July 2017 I started thinking about writing in English. After commercial high school I decided to so something with computers. To do something with computers means to deal with English. So I got familiar with technical English. It’s an ease for me to write English documentations. But what about day-to-day English and conversation English? I found out, that I’m not as good as I should be. In short, I’m still fighting with the introductions and the non-technical English parts. But I think I’m getting better and better over time.

The Stats

My blog had a rocket start. The effort has paid off. No ads, no needless talk, focusing on what I’m writing about and focusing on helping others with detailed explanations and screenshots. I truly believe even advanced and pro need screenshots from time to time to compare their output to my output. By the way I’m using the built-in Snipping Tool.

Here are the stats from January 2017 to May 2018. On average I now have 1.000 visitors per day.


But if you take a closer look you realize that most of the visits take place during the week. The peaks in the stats are from Monday to Thursday.


I have more and more visitors from America and other countries. That pleases me.


The Google Ranking

Google has this planet in his hands. Sad, but true. My site is on average 13.2.


Breaking down to the countries shows that I’m still ranked higher in German than in English countries. Funny to see that Google found out (What a surprise!) that I’m an Austrian. So they ranked me best in Austria 😉


Most of my visitors come from Google. Have I already said, that I think Google has me in hand?


The Downloads and the Active Directory Tool

Back to my site.

My Active Directory Services Section Tool was the big hit in the last months. 500 lines of code to automate and simplify the administration of Active Directory. What a surprise to me. It has been downloaded over 1000 times. If you don’t know what I’m talking about check it out here: Active Directory Domain Services Section (Version 1.1)


Finally let me loose some thoughts on a general topic about writing articles.

The Naysayers

People always ask me why I’m doing this. Writing high-level articles without any material benefit. My answer is: I owe all I have achieved so far to my openness. I owe all to my willingness to pass on my knowledge to the community. That’s what I believe.

There are so many naysayers around me. “It’s no use”, “It’s not worth the effort”, “You can’t do that”. I tell them: “I don’t agree, and you can’t drag me down”. It’s rule no. 4 of Schwarzeneggers 6 rules of success, and I truly believe in it.

Ignore the Naysayers



That’s it for this post.

I would like to thank all my followers for supporting me. You are the greatest community on this planet.

See you next time with PowerShell.

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  1. Greetings from Norway. Thank you for your time and effort regarding running this blog. I check your blog on a regular basis (and also use the RSS-feed in my Teams lab-site 🙂 Always interested to learn more about PowerShell.

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