Announcement: The PowerShell Conference Book (Co-Author)

It was an exciting moment for me when I was asked if I would like to write a chapter in a PowerShell book. Mike F Robbins contacted me and told me about his program. It’s a social project for underrepresented people, called the OnRamp scholarship program. 100% of the royalties will go to the DevOps Collective to support scholarships.

My first thought was: “That sounds good. I’m in.”

Over thirty subject matter experts have come together to write a book about PowerShell. Every chapter has to be PowerShell related. Which topic should I choose? This was the main question for me. Since I’m also a Cisco Instructor and loving network technology topics I decided to write something about PowerShell and network tasks.

My chapter was born: “PowerShell as an Enterprise Network Tool“. Writing this chapter was an up and down. Writing blog posts is hard, but writing a book in a foreign language is much harder. At this point I want to thank all the reviewers of my chapter. Without you, my chapter would not be looking as good as it is looks now. Special thanks to my main reviewer: Mike F Robbins. The willingness to help was very impressive.


Here’s a list of the contributors. All of them a highly experienced experts:

Emin Atac, Graham Beer, Brian Bunke, Tim Curwick, Luc Dekens, Doug Finke, Tore Groneng, Patrick Gruenauer, Jeff Hicks, Don Jones, Mike Kanakos, Wesley Kirkland, Mark Kraus, Thomas Lee, Michael T. Lombardi, Tommy Maynard, Jeremy Murrah, Adam Murray, Anthony E. Nocentino, Brandon Olin, James Petty, Rob Pleau, Thomas Rayner, Mike F Robbins, Thom Schumacher, Rob Sewell, Mike Shepard, Justin Sider, Prateek Singh, Irwin Strachan, Tim Warner, Friedrich “Fred” Weinmann, and Mark Wragg.

You can download a free sample or purchase the the book here:


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