PowerShell Quiz: Are you already an advanced PowerShell user?

Hi followers!

Test your PowerShell knowledge with this 15 questions quiz. It’s anonymous and free.

You can either use the link below or simply scan the QR code on your smartphone or tablet.

Have fun and good luck!



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  1. There are a few problems with the quiz. The question: “To implement a PowerShell script module function for all users the following must be done:
    (0/8 Points)”
    Doesn’t say “Select Two”

    The answer to question: “What’s true about Parenthesis () in PowerShell? f.e. (Get-Date).AddYears(-300)
    (6/6 Points)”
    Is badly formed. I had to guess that “Instantly” was the answer, but it’s not instant, it’s when the line is reached, the code inside the parentheses is executed and it’s accessed as an object rather than as a function. The answer “code in () is executed when it’s his turn” is completely valid.


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