Windows 10: How to remove apps that can’t be removed via the Graphical User Interface

If you think this blog post is not about PowerShell then you’re wrong ;-). Today, I was faced the problem that I was not able to remove an app via the GUI. I used the tool “remove apps and features”. The button for the uninstallation was greyed out. So I tried to use PowerShell and it works. Now I will show you how.

First, we need to list all installed app names to find the right one.

Open PowerShell (Windows Key + X + A) with administrative privileges. Hit the keys and enter

 Get-AppxPackage | Select-Object -Property Name 

Now find your app.

Next, run the following command and replace the app name with your ones.

 Get-AppxPackage -Name Microsoft.HEIFImageExtension | Remove-AppxPackage 

Thats’s it.

See you next time with PowerShell!

Categories: PowerShell, Windows 10

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