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Exchange | Exchange Online: Configuring Mailbox and Mailbox Folder Permissions with PowerShell

In this article, I’ll cover everything about permissions for mailboxes and mailbox folders, regardless of whether you have an Exchange Server on-premise or an Exchange Server online. I will give you some useful examples to build on. We’ll start at the very beginning and then move forward. And now, let’s dive into the power of PowerShell.

Here is a list of examples and a brief explanation of each operation.

Show Mailbox Permissions

Get-MailboxPermission shows all permissions of a mailbox. In this example I am retrieving f.hubers mailbox and its permission settings.

Get-MailboxPermission -Identity "f.huber" | Select-Object User,AccessRights

You can also show the mailbox permissions of a specific folder f.e. the calendar. Watch your language! In my case it is German. (Kalender = calendar)

Get-MailboxFolderPermission -Identity "f.huber:\kalender"

Set Mailbox and Mailbox Folder Permissions

Add-MailboxPermissions grants a user to access a mailbox. In this example I grant the access right FullAccess.

Add-MailboxPermission -Identity "f.huber" -User alert -AccessRights FullAccess

It is also possible to grant permissions to a specific folder of a mailbox. In this example I grant the user alert to access the calendar of f.huber with the editor privilege. Again, watch the language!

Add-MailboxFolderPermission -Identity f.huber:\kalender -User alert -AccessRights Editor

Remove Mailbox Permissions

To remove permissions from a maibox run Remove-MailboxPermission.

Remove-MailboxPermission -Identity "f.huber" -User alert -AccessRights FullAccess

That’s it for today.

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  1. Danke!
    Mit Exchange Hybrid gibt es das Problem das die Benutzer der Domäne nicht mehr auffindbar sind, da kommt powershell mit dem Befehl an die Reihe. Das selbe ist mit Send As.


  2. Gute Arbeit, in der Exchange Hybrid Umgebung fehlen nach der Migration zu online ein Problem mit dem auffinden der Benutzer da geht es. Ur mit der Powershell weiter. Ebenso mit Send As


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