Using winget with PowerShell to install Software remotely

In this blog post I will carry out how to remotely install software on a domain-joined Windows 11 client. Winget is a command line tool that provides a lot of different options to install software on the localhost or on remote hosts via an online repository operated by Microsoft. Let’s jump in.


Before we start, I want to check out the requirements for this scenario. I will use a

  • Domain-Controller running Windows Server 2022
  • Windows 11 domain joined Client (CL01)

First, we need to check if our client is listening to WinRM connections. By default, WinRM is disabled on all Windows client operating systems.

On Windows 11 open PowerShell and enter

winrm qc

This enables Windows Remote Management. By the way, WinRM is enabled on Windows Server OS by default.

Installing Mozilla Firefox remotely

Now the show begins. Log on to your Domain Controller and enter the following lines to install Firefox on CL01.

Invoke-Command -ComputerName CL01 `
-ScriptBlock {winget install mozilla.firefox}
Erfolgreich installiert = Command completed successfully. 😉

Hope this was helpful.

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