Package Management in PowerShell (Chocolatey)

Tired of installing 3rd party software? So far, 7zip, winrar, Chrome, Adobe Reader, Java etc … has to be downloaded manually. This is over now. Package Management in PowerShell is here! Online repository is the keyword. Install multiple software in silent mode with PowerShell. Here we go …

Checking Prerequisites

First, we check if PowerShell allows to run scripts. The execution policy should be configured to unrestricted.

Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted


Installing the Packageprovider Chocolatey

Get-PackageProvider checks the available provider packages.



No Chocolatey. Let´s continue with Find-Package. Press Y to install the NuGet Provider.



Now we can move on. We install the Package Provider Chocolatey. Press Y to install it.

Get-PackageProvider -Name chocolatey


The NuGet and Chocolatey provider should now appear in the list of Package Providers.


Package Management in Action

Let´s search for 7zip.

Find-Package -Name *7zip*


Next we use Install-Package to install 7zip.

Install-Package -Name 7zip


Installing simultaneously

Or install packages simultaneously.

Install-Package -Name 7zip, WinRAR, Opera


Find more Software

You can search for more Software with Find-Package.

Find-Package -ProviderName chocolatey


The number of software packages is amazing.


Safety Note

Can we trust chocolatey? I am not sure. For private use its ok. But for professional use i recommend to create your own Package Provider.

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  1. Is install-package using chocolatey as source still working for you – is it still supported? I can’t get it to work. Different errors for different packages…


  2. Man, I must thank you for that! I had seen a lot about chocolatey while searching for deployment techniques with powershell but never wanted to go on with it, but now with this article I could see I was wasting my time!


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