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How to find out currently installed Windows Version (Fall Creators Update 1709)

While reading great news and improvements about the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (1709), it might be useful to find out if the update is already installed or not.


PowerShell: Creating Login Banners (Logon Screen)

One of the first things you learn in cisco lessons is how to create login banners. A banner is a message shown to a user who is using the device. In this article I am going to configure login banners for Windows Server and Client Systems by using Windows PowerShell.


PowerShell: How to automatically restart applications when they were closed

If you want an application always started and available then this article is for you. Sometimes an application is mistakenly closed by the user. This article shows a step-by-step scenario how to configure a scheduled task watching the status of your application.


Dummy Files mit fsutil erstellen

Ein Dummyfile ist eine Datei mit beliebiger Größe. Ich verwende diese Dateien häufig als “Platzhalter”. Läuft die Festplatte voll, dann lösche ich die Dummydatei und habe wieder “Luft”.


PowerShell: Using Restart-Computer to restart your Computer and Remote Computers

For restarting your computer,  you can simply click the Start Button and afterwards On/Off. In this article it’s all about Windows PowerShell, so we focus on two commands: Restart-Computer and Stop-Computer.


Ping: Request timed out vs. Destination Host unreachable

Often executed – often not well interpreted. What is Ping? Ping is the network troubleshooting tool No. 1. Ping sends ICMP packets to an IP device. In the expection, that the remote device will respond with an ICMP Echo Reply. But what does the error request timed out mean? And what means destination host unreachable?


How to enable Remote Desktop and establish a Remote Desktop Session (Windows 10 / Windows Server)

This article shows how to enable Remote Desktop on Windows Server Systems and Windows 10, and how to establish a remote desktop connection. Do you remember the administrators, who ran from one system to another? They are called (in German): “Turnschuh (Nike) Administrator”. I haven´t found the english word for him, so let´s call him “The sneaker administrator”. Not matter which language we use: He should be dead. If you suprisingly have found one, then show him my article. 😉


Use PowerShell to create compressed ZIP files

With PowerShell 5.0 two new commands are introduced: Compress-Archive and Expand- Archive. The commands compress and decompress data.