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Active Directory: How to join a Computer to the Domain using GUI or PowerShell (Step-by-Step)

This blog post describes how to join a computer to the domain by using the graphical user interface or running a simple One-Liner in Powershell.


How to schedule software installation with PowerShell

Under certain circumstances the installation of software can only take place at a specific time. This article describes the establishing of a scheduled installation on the localhost and on remote hosts.


Windows 10: Mein Gerät suchen

Seit Ende letzten Jahres habe ich ein Surface Book. Eigentlich kennt man die Geräte-Suche von Mobile Devices, aber auch Windows 10 unterstützt die Suche eines Gerätes, wenn man es nicht mehr findet. In diesem Beitrag suche ich mein Surface Book. (Ich weiß wo es ist, ich möchte es nur ausprobieren!)


How to find expired Certificates with PowerShell

By running a simply PowerShell One-Liner we can find all expired certificates, which are stored in the Certificate Store. The store is accessible by using the PowerShell Drive cert:. To show all expired certificates on your Windows System run


Package Management in PowerShell (Chocolatey)

Tired of installing 3rd party software? So far, 7zip, winrar, Chrome, Adobe Reader, Java etc … had to be downloaded manually. This is over now. Package Management in PowerShell is here! Online repository is the keyword. Install multiple software in silent mode with PowerShell. Here we go …


The new nslookup: Resolve-DnsName

Nslookup is a command-line tool for dns name resolution. Resolve-DnsName is the modern version of nslookup. In this blog post i will show how to use Resolve-DnsName to query DNS Host Names and much more.


How to configure Trusted Hosts for PowerShell Remote Sessions

In this article i will show how to connect to remote hosts and how to configure the list of Trusted Hosts. Because with the introduction of Windows Server Core and Nanoserver, the significance of Windows PowerShell Remoting has increased.


PowerShell: Getting RAM Info by manufacturer, speed, serial number and capacity

If the memory is to be upgraded, then you have to find out whether the new memory is compatible. Therefore you have to find out the type of your currently installed memory. The device manager does not provide any information about this.