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Exchange: How to create Inbox Rules with PowerShell

There are two ways for creating Inbox Rules: The user itsself in Outlook or the Exchange Administrator can establish Rules based on specific conditions. In this article I describe the establishing of Inbox Rules on an Exchange Server by using PowerShell.

Creating Inbox Rules in Exchange Management Shell

Open Exchange Mangagement Shell.


If the subject of the incoming message contains the word TeamMeeting, then forward the E-Mail to another Mailbox.

New-InboxRule -Name ArnoldtoSyl -Mailbox "Arnold Schwarzenberg" -SubjectContainsWords "TeamMeeting" -ForwardTo "Sylvester Stollane"


To check the recently configured rule, run Get-InboxRule.

Get-InboxRule -Mailbox "Arnold Schwarzenberg" -Identity ArnoldtoSyl | Format-List

Get more out of Inbox Rules

There are more than just words as a criterion. To explore the possibilities run New-InboxRule and then type – and then press CTRL + Shift. This will show you all Parameters.


Or run Get-Help to list all parameters.

Get-Help New-InboxRule -Parameter *

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See also

In my German article Exchange/Outlook: Mailbox Weiterleitungen mit Get-Mailbox und Get-Inboxrule finden I described how to find out which Inbox Rules are used in your Organization.

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