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Exchange/Outlook: Hide Group Members in Address Book with PowerShell

Who are the group members? The members of a distribution group can be listed by any user in Outlook. Sometimes you don’t want that. This is what the group attribute hideDLMembership stands for. In this article I am going to show you how to hide group members in Outlook with PowerShell, so that nobody can look behind the scenes of your group to list the group members. Let’s jump in.

First, I create an Exchange universal distribution group and add some members.


Then I change the Active Directory group attribute hideDLMembership with a PowerShell one-liner.

Get-ADGroup "Secret Group" -Properties hideDLMembership | Set-ADGroup -Add @{hideDLMembership=$true}

That’s it.

From now on the group members are hidden.

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  1. Do you know if you can hide the membership of a DL in Exchange Online (Microsoft 365)?
    (but still have the DL appear in the address book)
    If so how would you do this?


  2. Hello,
    If hideDLMembership=$true is done, owner of distribution can not see members as well, There is no way for them to keep DL updated, any suggestion, please.


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