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PowerShell: Notify me when someone is added to the Administrator Group

Will you be notified when there are changes to group memberships? No? Memberships in groups are particularly interesting. Especially if it is the group of the domain administrators. The following article shows how to recognize changes and then check them at regular intervals. The administrator should be notified of any changes. This can be done by message or e-mail. Instead of configuring Audit Policies we do everything in PowerShell and then we put our script into a scheduled task.


Windows Bluescreen: How to check the memory dump file with WinDbg

In most cases a blue screen is caused by hardware or driver failure. In this article I show how to find out the cause of the blue screen by using the tool WinDbg.


Microsoft Azure: Connect to your VM from everywhere, any time and from every device with PowerShell Web Access

Administering your Azure VM on your Samsung Galaxy or iPhone? Introduced with Windows Server 2012, PowerShell Web Access is a new Windows Server feature which enables you to administer your Windows Server via a web-based interface. Once installed, you can access PowerShell from any device, even from your Samsung Galaxy or iPhone. Cool stuff, ha?  Security concerns? Yes, but that doesn’t mean that we should not deal with it. It depends on how you handle it. Ok, let’s start.


Microsoft Azure: Connect to your Azure VM with PowerShell (AzureRM)

I’ve been thinking about it for a long time. What schould I do with my new Azure computer? Surely I’ll come up with something over time. But for now I still don’t know. The server is still running without services. But what I know is that I want to administer my Azure VM via PowerShell. So, I started discovering the new PowerShell module AzureRM.


Microsoft Azure: How to create an Azure VM and connect via Remote Desktop

Azure can be tried out for free for a short period. For me it’s the first time I’m playing with Microsoft Azure. Last week I used my subscription to create my first virtual computer in Azure. You may guess which operating system I have chosen ;-). Ok now I have a Windows Server 2016 Datacenter Server in the Cloud.


Active Directory Flexible Single-Master (FSMO) in Action

What if a domain controller fails? Operations Masters have special tasks which must be performed by Domain Controllers in an Active Directory domain. If a Domain Controller fails, this special role must be taken over by another Domain Controller. If the takeover does not take place, problems will arise sooner or later.


PowerShell: Alert me, if a Domain-Controller is down

There is more than enough monitoring software around. Most of them are really helpful and superbly done. For those who don’t have such software at hand, there are only 2 options: to do without it or to create create a script by themselves. If you want to implement monitoring by using ICMP Echo to check for example your Domain Controllers then this article is for you.


Mein Blog (Teil 6): Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP)

Es war ein Donnerstag, 06:15. Du sitzt gemütlich mit einem Kaffee auf deiner Couch und siehst die Neuigkeiten der Nacht durch. Schon halb am Weg ins Bad liest du die Vorschau einer E-Mail und da steht: Herzlichen Glückwunsch 2018-2019 Microsoft MVP! Warum 2018 wir haben 2017. Ein Irrtum? MVP? Ich?