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Windows Bluescreen: How to check the memory dump file with WinDbg

In most cases a blue screen is caused by hardware or driver failure. In this article I show how to find out the cause of the blue screen by using the tool WinDbg.

The Dump File

A dump file is a snapshot. It contains information about the current state of your system. It is often generated when a process is about to crash. The default storage location of dump files can be changed by pressing the keys Windows + PAUSE/Break. Then click on Advanced System Settings. In section Startup and Recovery click Settings.


Reading a dump file can be frustrating. See the following dump ;-). And now tell me what this means.


Make it readable with WinDbg

First, you have to download the Debugging Tools:

Next, we have to install it.


Opening the Crash Dump

Start Windbg. Click on File and select Open Crash Dump …


Navigate to your Crash Dump folder and open the file. In the follwing example, I found out that the ATI driver of the graphic card was causing the blue screen.


I wish you all the best finding out the cause of your blue screen.

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  1. Thanks for your work. This function is nice and easy to use.
    Your function is very helpful and we can see all the system configurations in one look.

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