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Project Honolulu: 1711 brings in Remote Desktop and PowerShell Remote Management

As the headline says, there are new features available in December update of Honolulu. Honolulu is a web-based management tool which enables you to administer your infrastructure in a very comfortably way.

Two new features are particularly eye-catching: Remote Desktop and PowerShell Remoting. In my article New Windows Server Remote-Management: Exploring Project “Honolulu” I’ve shown how to install Honolulu and how to get started.


Now I’m going to do the Honolulu update 1711 on my domain-joined Windows 10 client.


New Features: Remote Desktop and PowerShell Remoting

After a few minutes the update has finished. Where are the new features? Got it!


Let’s try it out. Remote Desktop first.


Nice. It works like a charm. The target computer runs Windows Server 2016. Let’s do PowerShell Remoting.


Ok. This is more interesting to me. This now means from now on I don’t have to run Enter-PSSession for remoting. It’s a huge step forward. It’s a new user experience.

Further thoughts … Gateway Mode …

Since now Honolulu is installed on my client computer and this client computer runs a web server can I now connect to it from another computer? The answer is no. What the heck … Ok, I see, I have to install Honolulu on a Windows Server. Windows Server supports gateway mode.



It’s time for me to deploy Honolulu in a production environment.

Have fun playing with Honolulu!

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