PowerShell 7: Enable SSH Remoting

With Powershell 7, we can enable and use SSH Remoting. Unlike WinRM, SSH is more popular because it is a more familiar technology and is also available on other platforms. In this post I will show you how to easily enable SSH on PowerShell 7 with a few lines of code.

Install OpenSSH Client and Server

We now install SSH over the Internet. So you should make sure that your computer has access to the Internet.

Add-WindowsCapability -Online -Name OpenSSH.Client~~~~
Add-WindowsCapability -Online -Name OpenSSH.Server~~~~

Configuring the SSH Service

Next, we need to configure the SSH service. We set the Startup Type to Automatic.

Start-Service sshd -Verbose
Set-Service -Name sshd -StartupType 'Automatic' -Verbose

Enabling SSH Remoting

Now we install the PowerShell Remoting Tools, enable SSH and finally restart the service.

Install-Module -Name Microsoft.PowerShell.RemotingTools -Force -AllowClobber -Verbose
Restart-Service sshd -Verbose

We are done. Now it’s time to test it.

Using SSH Remoting between SSH enabled Windows 11 Computers

I enter the following code to connect from computer A to computer B.

Enter-PSSession -HostName -UserName admin

That’s it for today. Hope you enjoyed it!

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