5 Ways to install PowerShell 7 on Windows

PowerShell 7 is the successor to PowerShell 5.1. It’s fast, reliable and it is cross-platform. Without a doubt, PowerShell 7 is the future. You can install PowerShell 7 on Windows, Linux and MacOs. In this blog post I show you 5 ways to install PowerShell 7 on windows computers.

1. GitHub

GitHub is a developer platform. Just search for PowerShell and you will get the download link.

2. Microsoft Docs | Microsoft Learn

Second option is via Microsoft Docs.

3. winget on Windows 11

Probably the most attractive and coolest option is to do without a web browser. Just use winget on Windows 11.

winget search PowerShell --accept-source-agreements
winget install Microsoft.PowerShell --accept-source-agreements --accept-package-agreements

4. Start-BitsTransfer

Start-BitsTranser is a cmdlet which can be used to download files. It uses the background intelligent transfer service to manage downloads. The following code downloads PowerShell 7 (watch out the PowerShell version!) and installs it.

Start-BitsTransfer `
-Source https://github.com/PowerShell/PowerShell/releases/download/v7.2.5/PowerShell-7.2.5-win-x64.msi `
-Destination (Join-Path -Path $home -ChildPath Downloads)

MsiExec.exe /i (Join-Path -Path $home -ChildPath Downloads\PowerShell-7.2.5-win-x64.msi) /qn

5. PSReleaseTools Module

Last but not least, just use is the Release Tools module. Hit the keys and enter the lines below to install PowerShell 7.

Install-Module PSReleaseTools 

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