Documenting all GPOs with PowerShell

Active Directory Group Policies (GPO) enables you to control user and computer settings. It is important to document them. In this blog post I am going to show you two PowerShell commands which create a GPO HTML Report. Let’s dive in.

To store all GPO Settings from all GPOs in one file run this command. Don’t forget to provide your domain name and the path of the report file.

Get-GPOReport -All -Domain "pagr.inet" -ReportType HTML -Path $home\allgporeports.html

We get one file with all the settings from all GPOs in it.

If you want to save the report file from each GPO individually, run this piece of code.

$allgpos = Get-GPO -All | Select-Object -ExpandProperty DisplayName

foreach ($g in $allgpos) {

    Get-GPOReport -Name $g -ReportType HTML -Path $home\$g.html


Each GPO report is then saved separetely.

Hope this was helpful.

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  1. Nice share, could prove to be useful in a scenario where you had to rebuild completely without backups.


    • Very useful post. I’ve done this (PowerShell reporting on GPOs) in past jobs and it is invaluable! Thank you.


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