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The new netstat: Playing with Get-NetTCPConnection

For some reason, I don’t like netstat. Never did. Fortunately PowerShell provides a similar command to netstat: Get-NetTCPConnection. Let’s discover the options of this command in form of this blog post.


Active Directory: Force replication of all Domain Controllers on all Sites at once

Active Directory Domain Services uses pull replication to replicate Active Directory Partitions. This means that the Domain Controller on which replication is started receives the data from the source Domain Controller. It’s like a one way ticket.


Learning PowerShell with Active Directory Administrative Center (PowerShell History Viewer)

For managing Active Directory Domain Services, still most of the administrators use Active Directory Users and Computers (dsa.msc). They are used to it. But it´s worth taking a look at the Active Directory Administrative Center. It provides a PowerShell History Viewer.


Active Directory: Send Messages to all currently logged on Users (msg.exe)

Do you remember the net send command? And do you remember the security concerns? Last week I played with msg.exe. Msg is the “new” net send. I tried to send a message to all users and computers in my domain. Why? I wanted to instruct all users to close all open programs. And now I want to keep and share this knowledge in form of this blog post.


PowerShell: Adding Active Directory Users from Text Files (Bulk)

When it comes to importing huge numbers of users, csv is No. 1. But what about text files? Sure, you can export content of text files to csv.  But in this article, I want to add active directory users directly from text files.


Windows Server 2016: Configuring Time based Group Membership with PowerShell

With Windows Server 2016 there is a new Feature called Privileged Access Management Feature. This feature is only available in Active Directory Environments running Windows Server 2016 Forest Mode. This guide shows step-by-step how to set up Time Based Group Membership with Windows PowerShell.


Demoting the last Active Directory Domain Controller with PowerShell

Today I’ve made a decision. Weeks ago, I have changed the default language of the operating system of my Domain Controller from German to English. It worked great. But now, I found out, that the default active directory user names (Built-In) still shows up in German. Now, my plan is to demote my Domain Controller and create a  new domain for getting all names in English. This article shows how to demote a Domain Controller with PowerShell and re-create a new forest and forest root domain.


PowerShell: Configuring Fine Grained Password Policies (PSO)

Since Windows Server 2008, Domain Administrators are able to configure password polices per user and per group. This article shows how to set up password policies (Password Setting Objects) with PowerShell.