PowerShell: How to quickly switch to your home directory

You certainly know the commands cd and Set-Location. It stands for change directory. I hope you also know the commands cd \ and cd .. But what about cd ~ ?


How to schedule software installation with PowerShell

Under certain circumstances the installation of software can only take place at a specific time. This article describes the establishing of a scheduled installation on the localhost and on remote hosts.


PowerShell: Playing with Test-NetConnection (ping, tracert, TCP Ports …)

The more I am playing with it, the more I like it: Test-NetConnection. Test-NetConnection views information of a connection. What can we do with it?


PowerShell: Using the Help (Get-Help)

Don Jones, the author of “Learn PowerShell in a month of lunches” said:

“Be prepared to read the help, or you’ll fail at PowerShell.”


Exchange: How to export a Mailbox to PST using PowerShell

For archiving purposes run the following command in Exchange Management Shell to export a mailbox to a PST File and to save the file in the folder pst:


Windows 10: Mein Gerät suchen

Seit Ende letzten Jahres habe ich ein Surface Book. Eigentlich kennt man die Geräte-Suche von Mobile Devices, aber auch Windows 10 unterstützt die Suche eines Gerätes, wenn man es nicht mehr findet. In diesem Beitrag suche ich mein Surface Book. (Ich weiß wo es ist, ich möchte es nur ausprobieren!)


Configuring the automatic start of PowerShell at every logon

In this article, I will show you how to configure your computer to start PowerShell with administrative privileges every time you log on to your computer.


PowerShell Cmdlets: List all availabe parameters without using the Help

To find out the parameters of a Cmdlet, you can call the Windows PowerShell Help. To be faster you can use some tricks to get more out of Parameters.


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