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New Windows Server Remote-Management: Exploring Project “Honolulu”

The technical preview of Honolulu is out. What is “Honolulu”? It’s a new browser-based Server management experience for the remote administration of Windows Server. Well, I’ve tried it out and now I am going to describe in form of first steps what I’ve done and what you can do with Honolulu.


PowerShell: Adding Active Directory Users from Text Files (Bulk)

When it comes to importing huge numbers of users, csv is No. 1. But what about text files? Sure, you can export content of text files to csv.  But in this article, I want to add active directory users directly from text files.


New LinkedIn Group: PowerShell Engineers

Dear Readers and Followers!

I created a new LinkedIn Group called PowerShell Engineers. The group is aimed to System Engineers from the beginner to the pro. I would be delighted if we can share our experiences in this way as well.

The group can be found here:

Be the first one and do not hesitate to send me a group membership request!



PowerShell: Testing the connectivity to the Default Gateway on localhost and Remote Hosts by reading the Routing Table

How to test the connection to the default gateway without knowing the IP-Address of that Gateway?


Windows Server 2016: Configuring Time based Group Membership with PowerShell

With Windows Server 2016 there is a new Feature called Privileged Access Management Feature. This feature is only available in Active Directory Environments running Windows Server 2016 Forest Mode. This guide shows step-by-step how to set up Time Based Group Membership with Windows PowerShell.


Demoting the last Active Directory Domain Controller with PowerShell

Today I’ve made a decision. Weeks ago, I have changed the default language of the operating system of my Domain Controller from German to English. It worked great. But now, I found out, that the default active directory user names (Built-In) still shows up in German. Now, my plan is to demote my Domain Controller and create a  new domain for getting all names in English. This article shows how to demote a Domain Controller with PowerShell and re-create a new forest and forest root domain.


PowerShell: Configuring Fine Grained Password Policies (PSO)

Since Windows Server 2008, Domain Administrators are able to configure password polices per user and per group. This article shows how to set up password policies (Password Setting Objects) with PowerShell.


PowerShell: Enable Remote Desktop on multiple Servers remotely (Bulk)

In this article I show how to activate Remote Desktop on multiple server systems in an active directory environment by using Windows PowerShell. In large environments, it might be necessary to enable Remote Desktop on a huge number of computers. This article will help you out saving time.