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Setting up Windows Server 2012/2016 with sconfig

Introduced with Windows Server Core, still most think that this very useful tool is only available on Windows Server Core. I’m talking about sconfig. I remember the discussion with my linux trainer colleagues and their opinion that the Graphical Interface of Windows is too much complicated and overloaded. Well, if you think so, then use sconfig!


Sconfig is available on every Windows Server Operating System since Windows Server 2008, not only on Server Core. Sure, it reminds to the times when Leisure Suit Larry and Winter Games was out, but it’s quite useful and it’s much simpler configuring your server with sconfig rather than the graphical user interface.

In PowerShell or cmd type sconfig and enjoy the options, not the look 😉



No crazy clicking around searching the Network Configurations or the setting Date and Time. Some Examples:

I’m truly convinced that someone who has never been administering a Windows Server will be more happy with this configuration method than using the graphical interface.

It reminds us of earlier times… Sorry, I couldn’t resist the following Off-Topic nostalgia…


Back to Larry and Winter Games. Do you remember the time running

Load "WinterGames",8,1



The command above does NOT work in PowerShell.


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Sconfig is often used in Server Core. See also my Server Core articles:

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