Windows Server 2012/2016: Installing and Configuring PowerShell Web Access (PSWA)

PowerShell on Samsung Galaxy and iPhone? PowerShell Web Access is a new Windows Server Feature. It provides a web-based PowerShell Console. After installing, you can access PowerShell from any device, even from your Samsung Galaxy or iPhone.

The setup is a three step process:

  1. Installing PowerShell Web Access (and its sub-features)
  2. Installing the certificate
  3. Configuring access rules

Installing PowerShell Web Access

Run the following One-Liner to install PowerShell Web Access on Windows Server 2012 or 2016.

Install-Windowsfeature WindowsPowerShellWebaccess -IncludeManagementTools


No restart needed. We can move on.

Installing the certificate

Install-PswaWebApplication -UseTestCertificate


Don´t use a test certificate in a real environment. Obtain it from your Certification Authority as described in my series Active Directory Zertifikatsdienste (Teil 1-8).

Configuring Access Rules

Add-PswaAuthorizationRule -UserName * -ComputerName * -ConfigurationName *


* means access from any user and computer. In this article I keep it simple. In a real environment I recommend to restrict access allowing only trusthworthy users to access PowerShell Web Access.

PowerShell Web Access in Action

Now open a web browser and type



Provide username, password, and computer name (PowerShell Web Access can act as a gateway for other hosts, therefore you have to provide a computername). For remote access localhost must be replaced by the computername or domainname. In my case it’s server03.


Test completed successfully!


Now it’s time to test the functionality on your iPhone, Samsung Galaxy or Linux Workstation!


What a great feature! Access to PowerShell from any device! More information about Remote Access to Windows Servers in my articles

PowerShell Remoting: How to connect to Remote Hosts in a Domain- and in a Non-Domain Environment (Trusted Hosts)

PowerShell: Documenting your work with Start-Transcript

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  1. This site seems like its a great site for executing these powershell tasks. But not matter well versed the author is the powershell never works. You end up with a bunch of errors or the powershell command is not even included. I wish I could use your scripts but it fails. The lessons though, are priceless. Thank you.


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