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The modern version of ping: Test-Connection

Test-Connection is a very powerful PowerShell Cmdlet which sends ICMP Packets to test the reachability of a host. Like ping. But Test-Connection is much more. Let’s play with the new ping command.

Ping multiple Hosts

Unlike ping you can test the connection to multiple hosts. Separate them by comma.



Shut Up Mode

The world is loud enough 😉 The following example shows how to run Test-Connection in Quiet Mode which results in suppressing details.

Test-Connection, -Quiet


True oder False. In this case both hosts are reachable.

Different Sources

When using ping the source is always localhost. But the good news is: You can specify a Source Computer.

Note, that i am logged on server03 as a member of the Domain-Admins group. I set the source to dc01 and ping server03. Reverse Ping 😉

Test-Connection -Source dc01 -Destination server03


By the way: ::1 is the IPv6 localhost address same as in IPv4.

Further Information

Test-Connection tests the connectivity to a remote host. See also my blog post about Test-NetConnection: PowerShell: Playing with Test-NetConnection (ping, tracert, TCP Ports …)

For checking domain connectivity and name resolution see my articles

Checking connectivity to Active Directory: Test-ComputerSecureChannel and

The new nslookup: Resolve-DnsName


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