The Internet has not waited for me (Part 7): A Review of the Year 2017

This is my first blog review in English. A few parts have already been created – in German. I started in January 2017 with no idea how to setup a Web Page, no idea where to go (Windows only? PowerShell only? Network Tech only?). Yeah, you read right, I had no idea. So I decided to choose one of the best: WordPress and I started writing … Everything else has come by itself – as is often the case.


First of all I would like to mention that I am a very open person with no secrets. I am convinced that only open people can be successful. Now it’s time to give my readers an insight into my blog – without any secrets and with some interesting stats …

German (Jan – June)

The first 200 of my blog posts are exclusively in German. I concentrated most on Windows and Cisco. The idea was to put many of my teaching materials – which I don’t need at the moment – online. I had to rework it a little bit, but it worked quite well. I started with a handful of visitors…. It was a tough time …


The number of visitors stagnated until the summer…

Then I thought about what it would be like to write something in English. The whole internet community communicates mainly in English. It’s been a while since I graduated from high school. I am good at technical English, but my small talk English is a disaster – but no pain no gain and …

remember rule no. 3 of Schwarzenegger’s 6 Rules of Success:

Don’t be afraid to fail

Switch to English (June)

It was tough. Most of the problems I had with the introduction. Really. As already mentioned, I am better in technical English. With the technical part I feel much better.

Many thanks to Patrick (a friend of the PowerShell User Group Austria, MVP colleague) who recommended deepl. com to me. Great translation software.


LinkedIn Group (September)

In September I decided to create a LinkedIn Group called “PowerShell Engineers”. The group has now over 150 members.


However, I do not intend to post all my blog posts in this group. Much more I wanted an exchange with other members, but I also post a PowerShell One-Liner of the Week once a week.


Link: LinkedIn: PowerShell Engineers.

Survey (October)

In October I started a survey. I wanted to know which topics are the most important for my readers and followers. Here’s the result. I think I’m on the right track. (PowerShell)


Microsoft MVP Award (November)

In November I was awarded with the Microsoft MVP award for the category PowerShell. It was amazing. It’s a great pleasure for me to be part of this great community and outstanding experts. I’m still convinced that I didn’t deserve this, but it’s probably the case with many MVPs. They are humble and helpful people. Most MVPs do not believe that they are special and show above-average commitment. And that counts.

This MVP award did something to me. I find myself concentrating much more on PowerShell than before. But I have always believed that PowerShell will be the future and that the graphical user interface will become less important for administrators.

Visit me on my MVP Site: https://mvp.microsoft.com/en-us/PublicProfile/5002882?fullName=Patrick++Gruenauer


Statistics since summer (June – December)

It’s obvious that my statistics have changed after switching to English. Here are my December stats:


The years review shows that most of my visitors came from search engines.


Top Posts

Last, but not least a list of my top posts. They are all English posts.

1st Place – The modern version of ping: Test-Connection


2nd Place – Active Directory: Installing and Configuring Local Administrator Password Solution (LAPS)


3rd Place – PowerShell: Notify me when someone is added to the Administrator Group



That’s it for today and 2017. My plan for 2018 is to expand my blog even further. The focus is clearly on Windows, PowerShell and Security. But I also don’t let PowerShell newcomers down. My series “PowerShell for Beginners” has already started and will be expanded.

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  1. Schöne Erfolgsgeschichte. Ich habe den Blog gerade erst neu entdeckt und werde zukünftig fleißig mitlesen. Deepl.com ist ja wohl der Tipp des Monats, kannte ich gar nicht – funktioniert ja wirklich (erschreckend) gut. Ich würde eigentlich auch gerne einen Blog starten, bin aber irgendwie noch zu geizig. Was kostet dich eigentlich der Spaß pro Monat – für WordPress zahlst du doch sicherlich, oder? Anyhow, thanks for sharing!


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