Learning PowerShell with Active Directory Administrative Center (PowerShell History Viewer)

For managing Active Directory Domain Services, still most of the administrators use Active Directory Users and Computers (dsa.msc). They are used to it. But it´s worth taking a look at the Active Directory Administrative Center. It provides a PowerShell History Viewer.

The Active Directory Administrative Center (ADAC)

On a Domain Controller running Windows Server 2012/2016 open ADAC in Server-Manger or simply type dsac in cmd or PowerShell. At the bottom you can see a small bar. That’s what we are looking for.


On the left sidebar click on your domain name. Then create a new test user.



Click OK.

The PowerShell History Viewer

Once the user is created, open the Windows PowerShell History Viewer to see which commands have been executed.


Note that all settings are recorded and you can review all your work in ADAC, not only user creation.

For example, I’ve activated the Recycle Bin Feature and created a Fine-grained-Password-Policy.


Cool Feature. Learn PowerShell by reviewing your work in ADAC.

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