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Get-SystemInfo: Listing System Configuration of all Computers (systeminfo)

In one of my previous blog posts PowerShell: Documenting your environment by running systeminfo on all Domain-Computers I have described how to list important system information of all Domain Computers by running systeminfo. Now I want to paste it in a function. The name of this function will be Get-SystemInfo. What a surprise. I’m really a creative person.  🙂 And here it is.


Test-FirewallAllServer: Query the Firewall status on all Windows Servers

I’ve experienced that many people deliberately disable the Windows firewall. They don’t want to get annoyed with it, if something don’t work as expected. But there’s nothing to worry about, because it works as it should. I rather suspect that some administrators lack some knowledge. Any way, let’s get a list of all Domain Computers running Windows Server and let’s find out if they have their firewall enabled. It’s a small function which shows the good ones in green. The red ones are the bad ones 😉


PowerShell: Configuring Windows Firewall

Firewalls control traffic. They use technology such as Stateful Inspection to establish a connection to other networks. In this article I describe how to configure the host-based Windows Firewall by using Windows PowerShell.


Find out whether a host is really down with Test-ConnectionLocalSubnet (ping,arp)

Is Ping a reliable way to check if a computer is available? Opinions differ … This blog post is all about ping and arp. Of course with PowerShell. The upcoming script could help you figure out whether a host is really up or not. Remember the Windows Firewall. If ping is not successful what does this actually mean? That the host is down? Not really … Let’s dive in …


Project Honolulu: 1711 brings in Remote Desktop and PowerShell Remote Management

As the headline says, there are new features available in December update of Honolulu. Honolulu is a web-based management tool which enables you to administer your infrastructure in a very comfortably way.


What is Proxy ARP?

Sometimes strange things happen: A computer can communicate with another computers, although this should not be possible due to IP addressing and the routing table. Proxy ARP comes into play …


Cyber Security: Installing Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA) version 1.8

Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA) is a platform that enables you to protect your infrastructure from cyber attacks. ATA is using a parsing engine to capture network traffic of protocols such as Kerberos. It monitors authentication and authorization. This can be done with port mirroring from Domain Controllers and other important computers. You can also deploy ATA directly on Domain Controllers which is called ATA Lightweight Gateway.